Bios make me uncomfortable. Part truth, part hype, many are just too long. I will try to be interesting and concise with mine.

Born and raised in L.A.'s Entertainment Industry center, I moved to Seattle in 1993. My sole purpose in life that year was to open an urban music management company with business partner and friend, Rob Williams (Williams Media Design L.A.). Prior to this risk, I was in financial sales and marketing with Rob at Visa International.

Once established in Seattle, I got sidetracked and ended up opening a record label with the Wilcher Brothers and MC Silver Shadow D. We called it Lost And Found Recordings. From there, I met the legendary DJ Nasty Nes (Sir Mix A Lot - NastyMix Records) and this is where my 25 years of marketing, promotion and sales expertise came into real use nationaly.

After 1 year of work at Nes' street/viral music marketing company, Crazy Pinoy Promotions, I became full partner. This was 1997. I initiated some small changes, incorporating mainstream companies in our mix of clients. It was, and is, my firm belief that methods of music promotion apply to any product, service, launch, industry. ANY.

Concurrent with all the above I opened Dexter Limousines, Inc. and Gene Dexter Homes (a RE/MAX entity), and was VP of global marketing at Seattle startup label Noc On Wood Records.

In 2009, it was time to incorporate everything I learned from the Seattle experience and focus on two initiatives. Gene Dex Public Relations and The Gene Dexter Show. I supported the launch of Miss Casey Carter and partnered with opening of Ba Bar Seattle .

On March 15, 2015, I returned to real estate and signed with Brazen Sotheby's International Realty. It's premium brand is surreal. I have to be a part of it! The name of my group is The Dexter Experience.

 While I am focused on developing residential real estate interests on your behalf today, I still support effort of Seattle's urban arts scene, community, advocacy, and much, much else.

Thank you for viewing.