February, 2012

To fully explain February, I need to share with you January. 

I jettisoned back to Seattle from the Palm Springs office after New Years, ready to apply myself. After all, this is what we do over a New Year, right? We come out with guns blazing! Offering openness to the universe, I had ideas but nothing concrete in mind.

When I got the call from Amore Infused regarding its Marketing/promotions needs, somehow I knew they were going to do so, even if i never met them before, ever. But that's how New Years are supposed to go, right? The second thing that happened, I initiated myself. Writing to Carmine Smeraldo a personal letter, I thanked him for his kindness during my tenure at Monsoon Restaurants and let him know I was now available to speak with him should he have any needs at his wonderful venue, Il terrazzo Carmine.

Amore Infused burned down on January 15th. Carmine passed away on January 12th.

My timing, so poor that one questions the powerful nature of, well, everything - really, really threw me off. 

So I kept going. 

For February, all things are possible, and nothing sure. I'm very excited about several new PR and Social Media tools that have been handed to everyone who seeks that sort of thing, and I fully intend to unleash these new toys on behalf of my client list. Also, the opportunity to get to know the inner workings of Il Terrazzo Carmine for a few days thanks to Mrs. Maria Smeraldo and her managers George and Chris has been nothing short of amazing. They carry on as the fine dining Seattle market leaders they've always been. I thank them for the week of embedded cuisine discovery!

As I write this, the Gramercy Cellars winemaker dinner at Cantinetta Seattle  tonight should be spectacular. Call them if you see this and want to reserve a chair, or two.

In music, the MCC Awards went quite well considering the snow problems our town suffered though. Next year should be huge for this upstart Nod to urban Music. Follow @CaseyCARTER (twitter) about that.

BUZZ FOR FEBRUARY: Kardashian Backlash from media, Fisker layoffs, Microsoft layoffs, Nokia layoffs, Proctor & gamble layoffs, Pinterest, Saguaro Hotel opening (Palm Springs), Blacklemore twitter drama (Seattle), Blue Martini opening (Bellevue, Wa).

WANSKTER FOR FEBRUARY: Komen For The Cure, of course. You already know.

Well, that's all I wish to share right now. I've done enough complaining on other platforms about everything from Madonna Haters to Gingrich, who is an absolute bore to me. Follow me on Twitter for those tidbits! 

Take care. And tell your children you love them.

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