February, 2014

Now that music award season has wrapped up - finalized by Grammy 2014, and four of those statues making their way back to Seattle, it's time to create a Mission Statement. 

Seattle needs its version of a Cash Money/Yung Money label. It's just time. And who better to make that investment and spearhead the thing than Macklemore - Ryan Lewis? 

For the Northwest, the kind of label I speak of would be a beacon of light for the entire world to see, a destination for all Hiphop - R&B Hopefuls. For Macklemore/Ryan Lewis? Worst case scenario - tax writeoff. Best case - they develop a Drake. A Nikki. Or maybe even an old skool group or artist returning to the game - think Teena Marie.

Cash Money/Yung Money of the Great Northwest. It's time. I'm not saying I'm the best choice to get on a team like that. But I am saying Seattle should have this label. Now. While we have that Grammy glow. While we have that Superbowl stage. NOW. 

Ever since meeting Jennifer Newberry in 2010 I've wanted to work with her. I think we found something nice finally. From Los Angeles, 24 new episodes of a music show as yet unnamed. Here's her screen test - http://youtu.be/F4xQKKo5zDU .

What an amazing time to be alive. Tech is beautiful. I just love the disruptive things taking place in Energy, Finance, the sharing economy. For example, look for something called Go Cardless. This is a gamechanger for sure. 

BUZZ FOR FEBRUARY - Viber, WhatsApp, Inside.com, new Gifted Gab album (Seattle), Music Matters W/ Jennifer Newberry (video), The Otherside Documentary, Kiev, Sochi, radiation level in Pacific Ocean, Launch Festival, Tonga Hut Palm Springs opening. 

WANKSTER FOR FEBRUARY - DMX. You shouldn't have even been drawn into a discussion about Zimmerman.


Where There Is Shouting, There Is No True Knowledge - Leonardo Da Vinci





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