January, 2014

I shouldn't even care. I haven't been at the forefront of Seattle hiphop music scene in over six years. But you know I can't leave anything alone. You know I'm going to say something when pushed into a self imposed corner. 

One of my dear friends, a Seattle tastemaker and one of the original "street platinum" album sellers out there, posted a group photo from SXSW. It was a few years old. Within the photo, many of Seattle's names. Great names. One of them, Macklemore himself. It was titled "Seattle HipHop". 

Seattle is exactly where I predicted it would be, saying it in interviews and just about every outlet you can imagine since 1995. Seattle HipHop is a brand. When posting anything representative of it, there is responsibility that goes with it. So when a photo with 99.9% of the great White Hopes of Seattle HipHop are seen in photos, what does it say about Seattle Hiphop to the world? 

I don't like where the scene is headed. The "backpack hiphop" kids have taken over. They have the money, the internet savvy, the control, and have conveniently left behind all of the influences that got them here in the first place. The Blackness of it, the cultural DNA of this is being scrubbed away. So fresh, so clean! And so dangerous.

Ten years ago, producer Vitamin D said it would come to this. I believed him. But I also hoped it would be offset by the emergence of a Seattle Cash Money Records. A Grimy, No Holds Barred, street driven label. That hasn't happened. Instead, Seattle has, well, it has what it has. And the world is being sold a bill of goods that is simply untrue. 

But then, if you look very, very closely, there is a Yang to that Ying. It's Street Level Records. So never say Never. 

Years ago I would have just run with anything Seattle had and it would have made me happy. Today, not so much. It's getting a little too smug. It's becoming the luxury condos of rap music. Not everyone will be invited inside. There are these doormen, you see. And they have CC&R's that don't include you.

Things shouldn't be at the forefront solely based on who can afford to place it there.

BUZZ FOR JANUARY: TakeOn app, Twitter stock bubble, 1938 Media, Coachella announcements, Hillary Clinton, Governor Christie, Wolf Of Wall Street disection, Dennis Rodman, Nicki Minaj rumors, Jeff Bezos, Bond markets. 

WANKSTER FOR JANUARY: Dr. Drew's HLN. What's up with the Brady Bunch Intro as an interview format? It's like watching Hollywood Squares without funny people. 


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