January, 2015B

January so nice - I had to post The Drama twice!

Ok, so in this exciting episode I must share with you one of the world's great satirists and pop cultural commentators, Loren Feldman of CyberNewsNet and a few other things. His latest site is a Self Help parody called Disrupt Happiness. It's a scream. Skewering everything you ever thought you knew about the Self Help Industry. And that is exactly what it is - an Industry. 

I don't watch The View. But I do channel surf like a pro. Rosie O' Donnell looks amazing, happy and I love her. Best of all, she is running things on that panel like a Boss. Check it out. I mean, no offense to Whoopi who I adore, but @Rosie owns this now.

I'm at 90% completion of studies for re entry into the Seattle gameplan (real estate). It's been far too long a process and it's my fault, although I think the additional 30 hours is filler beyond filler. #JustSaying

The more I hear The Bad Tenants new material, the more convinced I am that it's the only real music left. Check out a show reel and disagree. I'll wait. 

The #MCC4Year party was a huge success and Mr. Miyagi was sorry to miss it. Caught it all online though. 

BUZZ FOR LATE JANUARY: LAUNCH, India, snow storms, DeflateGate, Marshawn, Lil' Wayne problems, SOTU, Dish Creative Cuisine (Palm Springs), Tanaksan (Seattle), Fountainbleu Vegas cash settlements.

WANKSTER FOR JANUARY: All the parents reported this month to have killed their children. I counted at least 20. It's horrific stuff.

With that, I want to conclude January on a high note - Buy low, sell high. 


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