July, 2013

I didn't want July to pass without a little column. After all, 7 months between Drama posts is a bit much. But like I said before, social media took over my public life and it becomes more difficult every month to backup to static websites and keep up. I think websites are going to become something else in the future - fluid, like Wordpress.... or something. It has to. It will.

Just returned from Denver. It was Elite Academy 12 by LifeVantage and all I will say is, WOW. In the year and two months I've aligned myself with this Company, my personal growth curve has ascended. It really has. Contact me about partnering. It will be worth your time to speak with me for just 10 minutes about this.

I met young Jack Hoffman, last week. What an impressive kid. His ESPY award is well deserved. Brave. Courageous, and with his dad, creating awareness for pediatric brain cancer research. Get with #TeamJack - I am. 

Alot has happened since my last Drama post and I'm not going to remember all of it unless I scroll back on Twitter  which isn't going to happen :) but here were some highlights:

Macklemore has hit another level entirely within indie music Industry, Sam Lachow is one kid you want to follow, Everlapse is a new app you want to download, Tesla is a stock you'll want to own for the longterm (30 new models coming? Wow.), and the combined States of Texas - Florida are legislatively dangerous. 

Ok, what else. Hmmm, my real estate brokerage effort in Southern california is a challenge. I'm juggling too much and need to simma down. And restaurants, hotels, small business continue to NOT GET IT when it comes to social media - and that's ok. We'll continue to lead them by example. 

BUZZ FOR JULY: Everlapse app, Trayon Martin, North Korea, Kate, SplashHouse Palm Springs, Team Jack Foundation, Banks (artist), The Fifth Estate (Film), LFVN (nasdaq), Stand Your Ground laws.

WANKSTER OF THE MONTH: Mark O' Mara. You're an apologist and spin doctor, although if I ever need a defense attorney in Florida, you're certainly it! 

If You Want What We Have - You Have To Think The Way We Think - Jason Domingo


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