July 2011

A column about an action packed summer should always begin with the words Tsunami Escape Capsules. #JustSaying! I mean, everyone should have one, what with the U.S. debt war among politicians who will end up with a watered down Bill that does nothing, to Oslo, Norway and back, to a violence prone Norhwest region in U.S. where car shows and casinos can't seem to function without that drama. Just drop the anchor and let me float away. But before that happens, let's look at the cool stuff going on too!

Congratulations are in order to my fave new client, Cantinetta Restaurants, with their latest concept, Mercato Stellina - a specialty shop under construction in the One Main building, Old Bellevue, Washington. Wines, hard to find products for your inner italian chef AND a lunch counter? Oh yes.

Neema shows the young cats how it's done once again. The album release party for his latest project, Black Roses, at Neumos Seattle, was bananas. Loved it. Dice, Mistah Fab and Serius Jones all in the house, natch'.

I'm trying my hand again at being a 100% owner operated business, which hasn't happened since my real estate mojo fell off the cliff so far long ago. Gene DEX Public Relations is now quite official and, if I don't starve to death by the end of the year, you may be hearing from me more often. Kids, let Mr. Miyagi tell you right now, it is in fact very hard to serve two masters. If you have the smallest chance to get out of that job where you have no equity and start your own thing, take it!

I missed Sonny Bonoho's video shoot but the result of his vision speaks for itself. Insane and genius.

BUZZ FOR JULY - C Tweets by Cognizant, Obscura cams, the new Macklemore vid - Wings, Empire Avenue game, Getting Older (the mixtape - mistaken remixes), Wolfgang Puck at new Hotel Bel Air (Grand reopening - October), Food trucks finally approved for Seattle, Amy Winehouse (R.I.P. child, you were amazing), Capitol Hill Block Party and Viceroy Hotel Miami - selling for pennies on that construction dollar!

SHOUTOUTS FOR JULY: DeeDee Cocheta (ABC Publicity), Chris Pirillo, DJ Truuf, Liz Strauss and Sweeng One - who is about to get ranked on at his Roast, August 5th - Sky Lounge Seattle!


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