June, 2014

One of my goals in life is to keep everything simple. But like all goals, I have to really, really work at this. As effortless as Jamie and I make it appear on social media and elsewhere, flittering between markets months at a time takes effort. We try not to complain by remembering one important thing: Summer in Seattle trumps 111 degrees in California desert. That is all.

The Bad Tenants headline Hempfest this summer. Quite a nice thing to say at the very least. I'm making their appearance an episode of my little show. Be sure to look for that this Fall season (YouTube, etc.)

I've been following Jason Calacanis and his newsletter rather closely. So interesting. He's an astute angel investor and early adopter. I derive alot of inspiration and hope from him. Lately I've been relying on an App he's involved with - Inside. Check that out, especially if you are into news and current events. 

I can't seem to get motivated about re-upping on real estate licensing in any market. I don't need one to practice what I'm doing in housing right now, although it would be nice to control 2.5 - 3.0% on deals. But then, how would my favorite Realtor associates get paid? There is some light discussion I'm doing with Sotheby's but I dunno. It's a headspace problem. 

I'm not attending many shows and events these days but catching the Grayskul tour and Shorte record release party were excellent. And I had just enough time to visit last 10 minutes of Edawg's Who's Who Music Industry meet and greet. Not bad for first week back in Seattle. The rest of season will be quite different, however. I have to concentrate on Hospitality related work and The Bad Tenants management stuff. 

BUZZ FOR JUNE: UberX, SplashHouse Palm Springs, The Dexter Experience, KUBE93 Summer Jam, Bergdhal, Driverless cars, celebrity stalking and breakins, Veterans Administration, iPhone 6, ASW app, Tracy Morgan

WANKSTER FOR JUNE: YouTube commenters. Some of you disgust me. Yes, Sandy Hook happened. Yes, Santa Barbara/Isla Vista happened. Enough said.

Perhaps one did not want to be loved so much as to be understood - 

George Orwell 




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