June, 2015

One day, I'm going to stay current with my little column here. Not now, but..... one day.

Periscope is the hottest new marketing tool in the universe. And no-one knows it yet. Ok, well, Verge, CBS, Kevin Hart and I do, but still, NO-ONE knows yet. Get on there and see why. 

Real seasonal residents of Palm Springs left town a month ago. I haven't. Too much work to be done and I can't justify the cost of commuting back and forth to Seattle at moment. But return I shall, and you better be throwing me a big party this summer. Nevermind. To get it done right - I'll host. Stay tuned..

Dinner with Sir Mix A Lot @ Coachella was a big highlight for me this season in desert. It's just wonderful to see the so-called Old Skool still so relevant. In town for the Heinekin Stage, he killed it. 

Unfortunately I've taken a huge hit on LifeVantage stock (LFVN Nasdaq) and am fuming about all the human failures behind such a great productline. Their choice of new CEO hasn't been encouraging either. My CV is stronger than his and I've never been CEO of a publicly traded Company. What does THAT say.... I still haven't unloaded shares in some far off hope the public will realize - NRF2 activation is a REAL THING, even if the management changes are not. 

Big money moves are being made in Arts District Los Angeles. Watch for the Ralph Lauren opening and see what happens. 

I have a prediction: with rents/purchase price pressure ever increasing in Seattle - downtown Renton is a smart investment right now. 

So it's official. I now have a desk at Sotheby's. Yay. Took me long enough, I know.  #RealEstate #Seattle #Bellevue.

The holding Company is The Dexter Experience. Why? I needed to settle on something that basicly explains what I'm doing without having to explain. Let me explain - every time I start something, I have to explain. This way, there's no explaining to do. It's simply The Dexter Experience.

Hopefully that explains it.  

BUZZ FOR JUNE: The Bjork album is fabulous, Bernie Sanders, FIFA, Palm Springs Landgate scandal, Iggy image problems, Caitlyn, China's 1929 problem (stock market), Periscope, oil spills, no water left in California.


It Was Written I Should Be Loyal To The Nightmare Of My Choice - Joseph Conrad

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