May, 2014

I would usually never, ever do a reveal or write a case study so early into a campaign but this is an exception. I've received too many inquiries and questions, ranging from why I would help anyone for free all the way up to Seattle's DJ Nphrared on Twitter lamely calling me out. So guess what - I will spell it out here, and not just to retort. Let's call this month's Drama column your marketing lesson #250 or so.

Grynch's album dropped last week. His first single is Carry on. In it, around the 2:00 mark, he mentions not getting his Volvo  as promised by that Company when they co- opted his hit single/video a few years back. A video I played a very small role in with a prop he needed at last minute that I found for him. Hey, it's Grynch, and I'm a fan. A big fan. And I happen to care about him.

After reviewing his entire marketing push to the extent I could, I surmised his plan to the naked eye is dependent upon 1. The Carry On video 2. The record release party 3. His fanbase. Well, this might be enough for Seattle. It isn't for me. While I'm certainly doing a few things today having nothing to do with music, I know how to promote records. Lots of them. Like over 300 of them. Records that mattered. Lots and lots of records that mattered.

Utilizing his choice of first single for the album, we've built a campaign. That verse about the Volvo is strong enough for a global push of the album. But how does anyone do that? Simple. Go after Volvo. The Car Company. 

Online and tech in general has made it possible to get on an equal playing field with giant Companies. A field these Companies have entered thinking they'll just advertise on it and everyone will/should be happy. So when I started receiving promoted Tweets by Volvo knowing fully well they had a skeleton in their closet, it was time to make a move. Quickly. It was time to flip the game.

The campaign is called Grynch Wants His Volvo. And I know in his heart he does want one. I just do. It also isn't his style to ask for anyone's help outside of his immediate circle. But here's the thing, his circle doesn't do what I do or know what I know. I've got a toolbox and once in a great while I'll pull it out just to flex what Mr. Miyagi owns.

The endgame is about the album. And if I can force Volvo's hand with delivery of the car they owe Grynch, that is fantastic too. But understand - it's about the branding and the album. I am not the type of cat who just sits and watch good projects lay there. I don't care if there's a budget or not. 

While I can appreciate DJ Nphrared's contribution to Grynch' promotion by adding an avatar to his Twitter account, that isn't going to be enough now, is it... While I understand his brittleness about the fact that my name is associated with a couple of things over the years on the westcoast, I'm still standing with a skillset.

Let me re-introduce myself to you, DJ Nphrared - I'm a RECORD street promotions guy. And I'm good at it. You are a DJ. Understand. so the next time we find ourselves making some ridiculous point about the purity of your nature and silent promotions track record within 140 characters on Twitter, know who you're Tweeting. Google me.

BUZZ FOR MAY: PayPal Global Strategist meltdowns, Inside app, Ukraine, Climate Change, Girls and shovels, everything Hosted By Neema (Seattle), Tesla, Grayskul tour w/ Pigeon John, Clippers to Seattle! Chef The Movie. 

No Wanskter Of The Month for May. You already know who it is.




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