May 2011
Well, May 2011 is going to go down in history as a month of spectacular #Fails. Shall we begin with Apple's contention how the term App Store is not about the sale of....Apps? Or the sad case of George Reker , pulpit - pounder, who's entire platform has been anti-gay rhetoric, only to be found pounding a rentboy in europe? Or maybe we could discuss how Media gave the time of day to some 89 year old who predicted the end of the world? We won't even mention Senator John Edwards. Any way you see May, 2011 - it is marked with #Fail all over it.
But it was still a good month. The Mr. D Sane interview (urban music producer extraordinaire) went quite well, I think. I'm also absolutely loving the upcoming mix cd by Eighty4fly. You've been hearing me for the last year about this artist. Isn't it time you get onboard the #Flyworld movement? His twitter addy is @Eighty4fly.
Finally, a few new clients haven't hurt one bit.
Special thanks to uber-real estate agent, Sylvia Dunbar - Malibu Cali 4 Nai Ay, and Cantinetta Restaurants Northwest for the Dexter love!
Notable Mentions For May - B Hotel Miami, RN74 opening in Seattle, Thomas Kramer, Jetpacks, Haiti's fudging numbers to hit up more Aid money, Windows 8, Tesla secondary stock offering, the Hotel Bel Air L.A. remodel, Fred The Godson, Cannes, and Maria Shriver, who wasn't having it!
See you soon.
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