Music Matters - Press Release 02.11.14

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Culver City, CA (PRWEB) - 02.12.14  

1938 Media Announces New Music Editorial Show

1938 Media, creator of - has announced its latest original content creation - Music Matters. Hosted by singer/songwriter Jennifer Newberry.

Music Matters will focus on new, interesting, original and relevant music, music tech and music lifestyle subjects, as curated by Jennifer Newberry and co-producers Loren Feldman & Gene Dexter. "We are incredibly excited to work with Jen and her point of view within contemporary R&B, HipHop and New Soul. Plus, she's beautiful to look at. Look at her eyes!", suggests Loren.

Jennifer Newberry at 18 years old was already a seasoned music professional upon arrival to the United States from Sweden in 2002 and was seen on 2013 season of The Voice (NBC) as a semi-finalist. She moved to Los Angeles from Seattle one month ago and immediately attracted the attention of 1938 Media. Music Matters has signed her to 24 episodes.

While will be host to Music Matters as its new music division, the show will be offered across multiple platforms and is available to companies seeking content strategy. 

In addition to episodes of Music Matters, Jennifer will be working with the entire cast of via original, humorous and relevant co-appearances on their episodes, including Kanye West Puppet, Vikki Stink, Walter Kronkyte, Bobby Buble, Francois Francois, Frankie Vito and Shel Aviv.

Loren Feldman is Founder of 1938 Media and has worked within the tech, media, arts Industries for over 30 years. His previous content deals include Companies such as Verizon, Huffington Post and many more.

Gene Dexter is a music Industry promotions veteran and is known for his work with Pink, Lauryn Hill and Dr. Dre, among the 300 plus albums spanning 25 years via Crazy Pinoy Promotions, based in Seattle.  His daytime job is with Gene DEX Public Relations when he isn't writing for Music Matters. 

1938 Media offers content creation, content strategy, content licensing and sale of its products. Please contact us for discussion.

1938 Media
917. 407. 7600

Gene DEX Public Relations
206. 604.1276


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