November, 2013

It's been a very busy, busy month. Surprisingly so.

Helping out Grayskul with the Zenith Tour has been amazing. Social Media, when run properly, is a huge resource with venues, markets and fan engagement. There were problems firing up the original twitter account of @Grayskul and we were forced to create the new official account - @GraySkul_ . Personally, I absolutely despise underscores in Twitter handles but must admit they can be useful, as Twitter real estate is getting tighter and tighter. If you haven't secured your names out there, get on Twitter and do so. Otherwise you will be looking at J_O_H_N as your Twitter name instead of John. Trust me. Anyway, special thanks to JFK for handing me the account. By the time you read this the last two shows will have past you right up, in Mill Creek and Bellingham, Washington. But what a tour it was!  

My client, poet Christian Alvarez, has a cool problem this month. He launched at least five books of poetry on Amazon while I was in seattle for four weeks. We were unable to run the pre launch gameplan I always break out with new anything - albums, books, restaurant and hotel openings, etc. So, we are catching up. Look for Christian on Facebook - The Beat Poetry Flash - or Twitter: @TheBeatPoet760 .

I have some very interesting stuff going on with a principal player at Microsoft. I can't get into most of it here as they will send out a strike team and destroy me by divulging more, but again, trust me when I say, its's cool AND interesting. 

Here's a great reason why anonymous trolls exist online - when you use real names - you get called out! Here's an example:

I happened to catch a Facebook post by my friend Anna, a link to article about 8 companies who have made a stand against the Gay community. These include Chick Fil A, The Salvation Army and Barilla. One of Anna's friends is a kid named Arty Sirdowski. He commented on Anna's page how he was pleased to see the list and would be making a donation to Salvation Army. In turn, I've let Arty Sirdowski know that I'll be making donation to LGBT on his behalf. This in turn has become a battle of wits, which I will ultimately win, of course.  :)

But seriously, the mere mention of his name above triggers SEO. My instagram snapshot of the conversation goes on record. The blog I will be doing separate from this column will spider. It will all follow Arty Sirdowski from this point. In conclusion, there is a place for anonymous trolls. Thank You. 

BTW, his Facebook page is Arty Sirdowski. (clickthrough).

Perhaps you see my point now. 

I'm quite behind on a side project I've committed to with a dear real estate broker/friend of mine in Seattle. There is a basic template for social media I have for everyone and have promised to initiate for my guy. We're getting there, Aaron! Hold tight.

My new BFF is Gift Uh Gab. That is all.  

BUZZ FOR NOVEMBER: Ne-Yo in Palm Springs on 16th, Twitter IPO short selling, ObamaCare, Mayors on Crack, Phillippines, BatKid, 3D Printers, Apple Vs. Nokia, Andy Kaufman, new Choklate video, the Vine famous. 





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