October 2011

Dateline Palm Springs - It's been an action packed month for my coordinator Anna and myself. Starting with an L.A. market visit with client Sylvia Dunbar - Realtor to the Stars, based in Malibu, Santa Monica, etc. Building a few social media platforms and coaching as to how to use them took a little time, but we still were able to fit in some fun. Special thanks to Sotheby's Int'l Realty Brentwood, Beso Hollywood, Georgian Hotel, and Cheech Marin - who graciously opened up the beachhouse for touring. He's selling - so call Sylvia!

When I get back to Seattle, I have quite a few letters of introduction to write. There are more businesses that have either abandoned or ignored marketing than ever before. Maybe it's due to lack of instant gratification (after all, it is L.A. I'm talking about), or maybe something I'm not getting, but the debris of failed efforts is everywhere among retailers, restaurants, hotels. So I'm Going In On 'Em and see if we can't restart their fires.

After L.A., Anna jetted home and I moved forward to Palm Springs, where Golf And Tennis Vacation Rentals continues to get its mojo established. The recent move to Plaza Del Sol complex should be a big boost for it's street presence here. again, I'm building online platforms for them too. Follow our progress by hitting link above.

WANKSTER FOR OCTOBER: Tesla Motor Cars. Why you called in a good friend of mine only to clown him during the interview is quite bad form, to me. You knew he was Ford and Microsoft alumni, so why argue with him about being "too Microsoft"? Are you trying to diss Microsoft? He's a car guy who happens to be effective with productlines, so what? You do plan on making cars in Fremont, California, right?

BUZZ FOR OCTOBER: Conrad Murray trial, Twellow, Range Rover Evogue, the Grynch tour, Ceasar's Palace Ferris Wheel by Sir Alfred Dimora, Steve Jobs (R.I.P.), Sandia restaurant Santa Monica Place, LuLu's Palm Springs.

"If You Want To Leave Your Footprints On The Sands Of Time, Be Sure You're Wearing Work Shoes - Anonymous


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