September, 2014

I'm walking into September with quite a bit on my mind.

Have you ever noticed how media operates from a place of fear? Or maybe it isn't that. Maybe media knows its audience operates from a place of fear and caters to human failing. Recently, I've noticed this when it comes to the subject of the Sharing Economy. So much negativity about it. So little wisdom reported.

The pattern is always the same. Groundbreaking stuff followed by the bad news. remember these headlines - Websites Aren't Safe. E Mail Is A Fad. Real Estate Will Never Come Back. It goes on and on and on. Now, it's all about the Sharing Economy and how ruined we are as a society. As if saving the environment by catching a cheap ride isn't a good idea. As if saving $300 a day in major markets by taking an extra room in a nice house isn't better for your bottomline. 

Stop being stupid. Uber, AirBnB, Instacart, Boatbound and everything else are changing the world, and it's FABULOUS. This is the true New Economy. get used to it. That is, if you haven't started your e mail account yet because CBS or CNN told you not to.

I'm so impressed by Xbox Live and its technology. I'm obsessed with the TitanFall game. Alot of very smart people are creating major entertainment here. Three nights a week I'm on this game with my favorite Microsoft guy, Hector. it's now the highlight of my late nights in Seattle!

iPhone 6 hasn't announced a date, has it? So why are people camping out in lines today (09/03/14). These are the same people who worship false idols I tell 'ya.

Bumbershoot really outdid itself this year. It appears they've figured out the Seattle hiphop landscape and bought in. Lots and lots of talent including @SamLachow @Gifted_Gab @JarvDee and @Grayskul_ . Congrats to everyone who had stage time last weekend. 

I've had a very hard summer in Seattle. Mr. Miyagi did not find balance. Real life work got in the way of my show and I drove myself into the ground with schedule. Couldn't be helped. Responsibilities suck. 

Fortunately I will be taking mid September thru early October off. Where? You'll have to follow @GeneDexter to find out. As I put soooo much effort into social media I'm not about to spoonfeed more information onto my personal brand's website. If you're interested in what's happening, get engaged on Twitter. That is all. 

An interesting development has emerged from my business at LifeVantage (LFVN  Nasdaq). A new Energy drink that holds NRF2 benefit. As I haven't had ANY time to investigate, I'm currently in the dark about the plan, but it really could be a wonderful addition to productline. We'll see.

BUZZ FOR SEPTEMBER: Obama home purchase in Palm Springs? iPhone 6, Suge Knight, Joan Rivers, Jennifer Lawrence photos, Jason Calacanis war with real estate Industry, dead Madoff sons, Yung Thug rumors, Rick Perry, SLS Hotel Las Vegas, Ebola, Levar Burton childrens book.


WANKSTER FOR SEPTEMBER: Mark Driscoll. All of your misdeeds and misuse of the pulpit is about to come crashing down if it hasn't already. You are a dangerous, hyprocritical and out of touch man. Seattle is over it. Goodbye. 


Once You Learn To Read, You Will Be Forever Free.

                     Frederick Douglass



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