The Drama For October, 2013

I had a very interesting last couple of weeks. Two different venue Openings in Palm Springs became case studies for me and I've been watching them closely. The first one was a restaurant on Palm Canyon Drive. The second, none other than the Hard Rock Hotel on Indian Canyon Drive. 

With the restaurant, it is unfortunate there was no pre promotion, marketing or platform building. Today, seats in the restaurant are empty, as one would expect from non existent effort or passion for what was supposed to an exciting Grand Opening. It had me thinking about it so much I blogged about it - Why Restaurants Fail. 

For Hard Rock Hotel, I invite Kittridge Hotels (the franchise owner), to contact me about starting over with their marketing - social media - promotions plan. Here is another blog, a bit restrained, but you get the idea - The Hard Rock Hotel Is Open For Business.

I'm looking forward to meeting Seattle's own Gift Uh Gab and having her as guest on my show. She's part of the Moor Gang and I'm a fan. The venue hasn't been selected yet for this lunch interview but I'm hoping I can do it at the new Bar Cantinetta in Madison valley. I've always been a fan of the Cantinetta team, also having represented them for over a year. This next stay in Seattle has Bar Cantinetta on top of my list! 

I've been putting in some work with a coach. Not a life coach, but an energy coach who is helping me release generational and first person blocks we all have. I've been making alot of progress. If you'd like to know more about practitioner Kathleen Gonzalez, perhaps you could benefit as I have from getting life under control as you want it to be. Contact me for her information.


BUZZ FOR OCTOBER: Gina Gershon, Twitter IPO, the Vine famous, Hyundai Genesis, 11 year old chefs on TV, Scribes One (record release), motorcyclists, Flipboard, Aaron Paul. 

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